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Find the Perfect Channel Setting Engagement Rings

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Engagement rings dc

The question has been asked and answered. Now you are in search of the perfect engagement ring and wedding set. The choices seem overwhelming, but keep in mind that your individual style and tastes will play the biggest role. You have all sorts of options such as princess cut, diamond cut, and channel setting engagement rings. You do want to keep in mind the quality of the diamond.

The quality of a diamond is based on four aspects, carat, cut, clarity, and color, also known as the 4Cs of diamonds. The most important of the 4Cs is clarity, which makes the biggest difference in the beauty of a diamond. Continue Reading | 2 Comments

Looking For a Good House?

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Homes for sale in miami beach

In 2009, Natalie O’Neill of the Miami New Times said, “Until the 1980s, Miami beach was a peculiar mix of criminals, Cubans, and little old ladies. Then the beautiful people moved in.” Today, Miami is a cultural hub, complete with beautiful, lavish homes, successful and alluring sports teams, and a variety of other things which coax people into visiting the great city of Miami.

South Beach is now a pedestrian friendly, tourist friendly low crime neighborhood. You can even check out a real estate house for sale in the area, such as a beach house in Miami. A beach home for sale can be the perfect thing to get you to move to Miami, because the real estate is top notch quality. On that note, the first suntan lotion was invented in Miami in 1944.

Miami was named for the Mayaimis, which were a Native