Stop Wasting Money on PPC!

Website search engine optimization

The sad truth about social media marketing is that companies will spend thousands of dollars on web development and they often have no marketing budgets to get their sites found. And even when they do have a budget, they might make the mistake of paying for sponsorship in Google rather than having their site organically optimized for search engines.

The harsh reality is that over three quarters (that is more than 75 percent) of search users choose organic results over paid listings. Ppc (Pay Per Click) advertising is a model in which the company placing the online ad only pays when a user actually clicks on it, which might seem quite reasonable, but what if no one clicks on the ad anyways?

When it comes to Google searches, there are 18 percent of organic clicks that go to the first position, about 10 precent of organic clicks that go to the second result ranks, and seven percent of organic clicks go to the third position. PPC ads do not work. Even though Pay Per Click advertising has a much lower cost per conversion than traditional forms of advertising such as TV, radio, and print, but this is no reason to despair about online marketing.

The top Seo consultants will all tell you that with social media marketing management, you will be able to harness all that web traffic that you miss out on. Social media marketing management creates an online presence on social networks, which establishes a stronger, more personal connection with your customers. This instills brand loyalty in them, because they would not want to betray their friend.

Plus, social media marketing management creates a buzz about your company. The truth is that the best advertising is through word of mouth, but it is impossible to actually advertise that way, so what is the next best thing according to SEO marketing consultants? Get people talking about it on social media! If you post through social media marketing management and someone else comments about it or interacts, it shows up in the other news feeds, which spreads your message, product and brand!

Take advantage of social media marketing management while you can, before your business gets blocked out by competition who do utilize social media marketing management. Have any of you readers made use of social media marketing management? What did you all think of it? What was your experience like? Please comment with your opinion on social media marketing management!

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