Did You Get a New Laptop? Do Not Ruin It! Three Tips for New Laptop Care

Laptop care tips

In our non stop, constantly on the go, busy world, the laptop is often our technology of choice for staying connected to the world wide web. Whether you have purchased a new laptop for personal or for business use, these three laptop care tips should help you to keep your new laptop safe, clean, and in good working condition.

1. Keep it secure, laptop security tips.

In the second quarter of 2012, virus outbreaks increased by 90 percent! Furthermore, most computer attacks, about 99 percent of them, came from known threats. This means that an antivirus program would have helped to protect computers in 99 percent of cases. Without a doubt, one of the best computer software programs you can invest in is an antivirus program. However, not even the best computer software programs out there can fully protect you from a virus. You should also learn safe browsing practices.

Another of the best computer software programs for your laptop is tracking software, which can help you recover your laptop if it is ever lost or stolen. More than 86,000 laptops go missing in the United States every year, and only 3 percent of companies bother to put anti theft measures on to their laptops. The cost that could be associated with stolen data reaches into the thousands, so take extra precaution to keep your laptop secure.

2. Keep it clean, laptop maintenance tips.

On an annual basis you should have your laptop cleaned. Electrical devices attract dust, which you may have noticed on your television, video game systems, or your desktop computer. Having the internal workings of your laptop cleaned once a year will prevent it from overheating, and can protect the internal fan from breaking down. Did you know that the build up of dust in a laptop can cause the internal temperature to increase by nearly 30 degrees? At that level, hard drive failure becomes a significant risk.

3. Keep it intact, laptop charging tips.

Your laptop charger is of course incredibly important to the functionality of your laptop. Take care when disconnecting the plug from the wall to not pull on the cord. That being said, never pull on the cord connected to the adapter part that goes directly into your computer, either. I have destroyed several chargers and adapters over the years by not being careful to remove either the outlet plug or the charger with care. The rubber casing over the wires is easier to damage than you might think.

These laptop tips and tricks can save you from the expense and inconvenience of needing to replace a laptop or have it repaired due to negligence. Use common sense, and treat your laptop like the valuable piece of technology that it truly is.

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