Bring Your Own Device, Coming To A School Or Workplace Near You

Mobile device security

Did you know that nearly 65 million Americans own a smartphone, laptop, or tablet? New technology so popular and prevalent that it is being implemented in schools and businesses.

The BYOD, or bring your own device, business and education model is becoming increasingly popular. The BYOD model allows students and employees to bring their own device, such as a smartphone or laptop, to school or work. This benefits not only the school or workplace, but the students and employees as well. It is said that the bring your own device model of education and business may make individuals more productive, because they feel more comfortable using their own device.

One concern with the BYOD model is security and iphone security. Some bring your own device programs have resulted in data security breaches. Protocols, such as authentication and encryption, can be used to ensure compliance with security requirements.

A desktop management interface is a framework for managing software and hardware components of a bring your own device model. Security issues can also be addressed with a desktop management interface.

Smartphones are also increasing in popularity and availability. Research by ABI says that in the next five years nearly one billion smartphones will enter the market. For a bring your own device business or education model, this means the need for more iphone management, iphone security, and mobile device management.

Technology is expected to take over the workplace and schools.

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