The Importance of Making A Dorm Room Yours

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When go away to college, you are going to want to go away in style. Trust me. Living in the residence halls can, if undecorated, feel a lot like you are either in prison or like you are squatting in an abandoned office building.

Creating stylish dorm rooms will do more than show your friends how awesome you are. It will put you at ease, and make the difficult transition into proper adulthood that much easier.

Stylish dorm rooms are what you make of them. You can coordinate a color theme, like some of my friends did. Or you can put up huge movie posters all over the walls like I did in my Freshmen year. The next year I hung flags from my nationalities, and some more posters. It is really that easy to have stylish dorm rooms.

Although, the most stylish dorm rooms were the ones with what I would refer to as “found art.” These were the dorm rooms decorated with artifacts and momentos from the inhabitants various adventures in college. These could be anything from the Fun and Safety guides from an Amusement Park Roller Coaster to Bathroom Signs.

Of course, you are not at college only to party (keyword being only). The trick to balancing the two comes from living habits, like time management and organizational skills. Chair pockets for classrooms can be a huge helper when you need to stay organized, but have trouble. They are very affordable (even on a college budget) and, speaking from experience, have saved my grades before.

In short, you should consider decorations like posters and flags to be dorm room essentials. You will more than want stylish dorm rooms. You are going to need them to get through all four years of schooling.

What are some of the most stylish dorm rooms some of you readers have seen? What are some of your own dorm room essentials? Please leave your comments and stories! Find out more at this site:

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  1. Yes, these are called conversation pieces. It is vital to have a few of them in every home I find, because it makes the space “yours” I believe.

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