Could Your Bed Be Poisoning You?

Organic linens

We spend 25 percent of our lives sleeping. That is 25 percent of our lives spent in our beds (depending on lifestyle choices). Why should you spend a quarter of your time on this earth sleeping on a bed made from noxious, artificial materials? I can think of no valid reason.

What does it actually mean to sleep naturally? Let me be clear, I am not envisioning a mattress made of clay, straw and manure. I cannot imagine that would be very comfortable. Or hygienic. There are, however, beds available which are made from completely organic materials.

What, then, would an organic bed really look like? Well, it actually would not look much different from the bed you likely sleep on now. The difference between an organic bed and an unnatural bed will be what the bed is made from.

An organic bed is made from natural fibers that have been organically harvested. A natural latex bed is the most common option, but there are numerous other fibers to choose from. For example, you will be able to find organic bedding sheets made from hemp. With a natural mattress and organic sheets, you are sure to be free from harmful toxins when you sleep.

Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs like a sponge. Traditional beds are made from materials that often contain chemicals harmful to our brains and respiratory systems, which our skin soaks up all night while we sleep. All newly produced inorganic items “outgas,” that is to say, they emit gases which seep their way into our bodies in the night.

An organic bed is really a safe bed. Most bedding companies do not have our personal health in mind when they create a product. They are focused on profits and comfort only. Buy an organic bed and revel in the quiet bliss of natural sleep.

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