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Could Your Bed Be Poisoning You?

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Organic linens

We spend 25 percent of our lives sleeping. That is 25 percent of our lives spent in our beds (depending on lifestyle choices). Why should you spend a quarter of your time on this earth sleeping on a bed made from noxious, artificial materials? I can think of no valid reason.

What does it actually mean to sleep naturally? Let me be clear, I am not envisioning a mattress made of clay, straw and manure. I cannot imagine that would be very comfortable. Or hygienic. There are, however, beds available which are made from completely organic materials.

What, then, would an organic bed really look like? Well, it actually would not look much different from the bed you likely sleep on now. The difference between an organic bed and an unnatural bed will be what the bed is made from.

An organic bed is made from natura

Debt Consolidation Programs Offer Relief to Those With Outstanding Debt

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Debt consolidation credit counseling

Money, because it is one of the main driving forces behind everything that we do, can be a major cause of stress. It can be gratifying, but when a person lacks the money that they need in order to pay their bills, buy their groceries, or to take care of anything else that they may need to survive, they can become very overwhelmed and not know what to do. This will often cause many people to use their credit cards and spend more money than they are able to able to pay back when the time comes to do so. When this occurs regularly, these people will eventually find themselves in debt and many times, they will experience great difficulty when they attempt to pay off debt that they have acquired. In additio