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Facebook and Social Media Outlets Revolutionizing Business Marketing

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There used to be a time where the existence of something could only be accounted for via a physical presence. Drivers licenses and Social Security cards were all people really had to prove their identities. Now, since the advent of the Internet, having an online presence is seemingly just as essential as a physical one. Today, there are more than 900 million people using Facebook. Facebook and other social media sites have become so successful and integrated into all aspects of life that they nearly serve as validation for the existence of a person or business.

In recent years, businesses and brand experts have become increasingly aware of the necessity of using Facebook and social media as promotional tools. Surveys have shown that 80 percent of small business owners claim to Continue Reading | 6 Comments

Keep Your Car Safe No Matter What the Weather Brings

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The first piece of steel was found over 4000 years ago in Anatolia. Since then, it has been fundamental in manufacturing several staple items in our lifestyle. The use of steel during architecture is becoming popular among engineers. Several barns, storage units, and other agricultural structures are being built more frequently using this material. This is because steel offers higher quality, and a more stable structure in comparison to wooden buildings.

At least 7% of the American population own a minimum of one recreational vehicle. This being said, not many of us have infinite garage space. This makes protecting and storing these vehicles difficult at times. Often times, weather related damage to a vehicle is not covered by insurance. This includes snow, rain, and hail. However there are solutions to keep both y