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These days, it is not uncommon for someone to resell SEO services from an internet marketing firm under their own company name. With the right Seo reseller packages, many people may find it to be a rather lucrative business. Since a full 70 percent of search engine users click on links that are organic rather than sponsored, it is easy to understand why so many small business owners prefer to outsource seo services these days.

The ideal SEO reseller packages will be centered around high quality content. In 2013, it became apparent that content based SEO is the new standard model for internet marketing. Content can come in the form of SEO articles, website copy and high quality blogs. 56 percent of businesses had claimed that they have acquired customers through their company blog, which makes the case for having one even stronger.

SEO reseller packages should also come with a wide range of social media services for one to resell. One out of every five posts on social media websites include a link to some kind of content. When one takes a minute to realize just how many millions of people continue to join social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, the case for working through SEO reseller packages that include social media makes sense.

SEO reseller packages could also give one a chance to resell email marketing services. In the world of online marketing, email marketing is one of the most affordable things that a small business owner can purchase. 70 percent of business owners spend three or less hours a week on email marketing, despite the fact that it is one of the most successful drivers of conversions. With SEO reseller packages that can provide in demand services like these, one could easily hit the ground running with their reselling business.

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