Follow the Kitchen Sanitation Checklist To Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Sanitary

Kitchen sanitation checklist

The kitchen sanitation checklist was created for commercial kitchens to use in order to make sure their kitchen maintains the highest standard of sanitation and cleanliness. The kitchen sanitation checklist is available online for free; you can download and print the checklist, and use it every day to clean and sanitize your kitchen. This checklist is also what inspectors use when they come to check out a kitchen and make sure they are following the guidelines. If the items on the list are checked by the inspector, then the kitchen will pass inspection with flying colors. Make sure your kitchen passes inspection; download and use the kitchen sanitation checklist every day.

Food handling safety is one of the most important items on the checklist, and is crucial for the health and safety of your crew, your customers, and everyone who eats the food that you prepare. Make sure you follow the kitchen sanitation checklist when you handle and use raw meat, raw eggs, spoiled food, and moldy items such as bread, fruit, and vegetables. Proper handling and disposal of these items are important to ensure that diseases and bacteria are not spread around your kitchen. Food preparation safety is also very important; you want to make sure you follow the guidelines for properly cooking meat, eggs, and anything that contains mayonnaise, eggs, and dairy. Food safety and sanitation is on he kitchen sanitation checklist as well; be sure to properly clean your kitchen after preparing food. The FDA recommends cleaning your kitchen with 1 teaspoon of bleach per quart of water, and then wash all surfaces with this solution. Kitchen safety tips like this will prevent the spread of disease and bacteria, and will ensure that your kitchen is always a safe place for preparing food. Safety and sanitation in the kitchen are easy to maintain when you follow the kitchen sanitation checklist, so make sure you keep a copy in front of you at all times.

Teach your employees to follow the list as well, and they will be able to follow proper kitchen hygiene, clean your kitchen thoroughly, and handle food the proper way. It is vitally important that everyone who works in your kitchen learn how to use the kitchen sanitation checklist, so make it a priority to teach them. Also, make sure they keep their food safety certification current and follow what they have been taught.
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  1. Kitchen hygiene is one thing, but learning how to properly handle, cook, and dispose of meat is a critical part to keeping people from getting sick. I am glad this was brought up and I hope every kitchen and restaurant follows these guidelines.

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