Fast and Affordable Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care denver

Urgent care facilities, such as urgent care Denver and urgent care Cherry Creek are becoming more popular each year; and today, American urgent care centers employ almost 130,000 people. Although urgent care centers can be found in every American city, most people who require same day care still visit emergency rooms. Regardless, Denver urgent care facilities provide an emergency medical alternative to patients who cannot are unable to see their personal physicians, or if their injuries are not serious.

The urgent care Denver residents prefer offer a variety of treatment options, and are capable of handling some of the most common injuries and illnesses. Urgent care Denver is essentially a Denver health clinic that can treat sprains, minor breaks and fractures, lacerations, and the flu. Considering that 5 to 20 percent of all Americans are stricken with the flu annually, urgent care Denver can alleviate much of the strain experienced by emergency rooms. Furthermore, Denver urgent care facilities also offer physicals, as well as the private STD testing Denver residents prefer.

Although many patients prefer urgent care facilities because they provide fast, high quality medical care, one of the best things about urgent care centers is their affordability. Compared to the 1500 dollar cost of the average emergency room visit, urgent care facilities will charge patients as little as 10 percent of that amount. As such, urgent care Denver is becoming the preferred choice of patients without health insurance.

If current trends continue, urgent care facilities, like the urgent care denver residents prefer, will soon become the top choice of patients who need same day medical treatment. When you consider their affordability, and that less than 30 percent of primary care physicians offer after hours care, that would not be surprising. The bottom line is that urgent care facilities are fast, affordable, affordable, and free up emergency room staff to focus on the more critically injured or ill patients.

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