The Rising Need For Rental Trailers In Canada

Reefer leasing

In Canada, trucking represents $65 billion annually in revenue. As a key facilitator of trade, the industry moves 80 percent plus of U.S. exports into Canada, with two thirds of this cargo moving via truck. And even though the industry experienced a decline of 0.9 percent due to worldwide economic weaknesses during the initial 2012 quarter, things are looking up.

Thus, trailer leasing and rental trailers have accounted for a large portion of this recent increase. Today’s rental trailers specifically have caused many Canada based companies to look for new trailer parts and to consider trailer rental rather than purchasing a trailer for sale. For the typical Canada based company, trailer rentals make more sense, since someone else is responsible for the maintenance of these vehicles. And because plenty of companies in Canada today need these trailers only temporarily, renting them makes much more sense.

When choosing rental trailers, it is helpful for these companies to know that there are lots of different kinds of trailers on the current market. These trailers mostly use R134a, which replaced Freon as the main source of unit energy, since these units are more environmentally friendly and help to keep perishable products cool. Prior to 1966, many trailers used Freon, and even before then they used trailers that were filled with ice blocks which would cool cargo. However, truckers had to usually stop every 200 to 300 miles to add more ice. But fortunately, today’s renters do not need to worry much about that.

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