The Benefits of Device Management Software

Mobile device management

A recent poll discovered that about seventy five percent of IT management prefer BYOD, or bring your own device, policies, since it can increase productivity. Did you know that seventy percent of businesses allow their employees to BYOD, while having no security policies or procedures in place?

Device management software is a popular option for businesses with data that needs protection. Device management software allows corporations to maintain standards and manage and secure mobile devices that could have important corporate data on them.

Mobile device management software, also known as MDM, can reduce support costs as well as business risks by controlling and protecting data and configuration settings for all network devices. The goal is to minimize cost and time spent while optimizing the security and functionality of the communication network. If someone loses their cell phone, MDM software can erase the corporate data that was stored on it.

The main solutions to mobile management are incorporating a server component and a client component. Central remote management is used after this is established, using commands that are issued over the air. Generally, cloud based systems are not easier and less expensive to set up.

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