Military Move Programs

Army military dity move calculator

The government provides military members special moving programs to help people move from one duty station to another. Military move programs combined with other programs are beneficial for shipping household goods at the cost of the Government. However, military members must be familiar with certain weight allowances under a DITY move program. Military moving refers to personally procured moves and do not provide benefits of relocating overseas. Soldiers that receive a change of duty station should use a DITY move calculator to figure how they can pocket some extra cash during their military DITY move. One of the benefits of a DITY move program is the 25,000 dollar insurance coverage the government provides.

Military move programs do not cover expenses for auto transportation, insurance fees and sales tax. Food, lodging and gas for vehicles not used for a military move are factors not financial covered by the government as well. The only downside to a military move is liability issues. The government is not liable for any financial losses caused by lost or damaged possessions experienced during a military move. There are online tutorials and guides to teach people how to pocket some extra cash from the DITY move program.
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