How to Be Sure Your Site is Fully Optimized for the Search Engines

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If you are not familiar with Search engine optimization, it is a series of practices designed to increase a websites’ visibility in the search engine rankings through free or “organic” listings.
As you collect metrics for the SEO process you have implemented, it is extremely valuable to get historical as well as current data.

This collection of historical data is called SEO benchmarking. SEO benchmarking is a white label SEO tool you can use to evaluate past and current success of you seo strategy. Some things you can use as data for seo benchmarking are quality of content, search engine inclusion, link acquisition, and overall search traffic. Comparing these things from one year to the next, or even every six months, can give you a good idea on what is working and what needs work.

If you are wondering how to find things like back link acquisition or over all search traffic, you can use a free SEO analysis to grade your website. These graders essentially crawl your site for criteria that search engines look for, and assign you a grade based on how well you meet that criteria. If you are receiving a low grade on your free SEO analysis, you know what you need to adjust.

There are tons of benefits to using SEO benchmarking and a free SEO analysis of your site. As an SEO professional or private label seo reseller, you know it takes time to get high ranks in search engines and it can be very difficult to maintain your position once you are there. A website’s rank is continuously challenged by existing and new competitors. In addition, search engines change their algorithm continuously and the definition of spam tends to change frequently. By benchmarking frequently, you can stay competitive, as well as improve upon your business.

If you are looking for a free seo analysis tool, there are tons of great options available online for free to help you enhance your seo program. You also have the option of hiring third party Seo resellers to help you do your benchmarking.

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