How An Enterprise Proxy And Other Tools Help Ensure Stronger Security

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A virtual private network, or VPN, helps to encrypt data that is transmitted over someone’s computer or mobile device to keep information from being intercepted. This and other tools are often utilized in corporate environments to keep internal information safe and protected, and largely enterprise proxy servers are put into play as an added security layer. Since the Internet took off in 2000 when there were just 361 million users, which accounts for two thirds of today’s Facebook users, the need has consistently risen for protecting data across networks. Luckily, corporate privacy functions can be achieved through a number of tools, from enterprise proxy servers to data scraping.

Data scraping is the act of extracting data from one program to another, and its use has led to the development of other enterprise proxy tools that help ensure higher security levels. For instance, there now are ways to hide ip addresses, which can be permanently fixed with a particular host or computer (static) or reassigned each time the device opens (dynamic). Using anonymous browsing tools also has the potential to dramatically improve the level of security these corporate enterprises can achieve. Online privacy software additionally helps. NetMarketShare has found that mobile solutions account for a significant need for security too, with iOS smart phones and tablets accounting for about 60 percent of all browsing using mobile devices in October 2012 and Android based devices accounting for about 27 percent. Therefore, strategies to offer protection in the mobile world are vital too.

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