Why you should create blogs

Google blog

There are lots of good reasons to create blogs. Being a blogger makes it easy for you to keep the people that you love, and people that share your interests, up to speed on what is happening in your life. People who want to create blogs for the first time have it easier than ever before. There are tons of great sites where you can submit blog articles, and post them for free on your own personal site.

Once you learn to create blogs, and you get good at writing thoughtful, interesting articles about a wide variety of subjects, you might want to think about getting paid to create blogs for other people. It is a well known fact among search engine optimization specialists that businesses that create blogs get better placement in search engine result lists. There are many web site promo agencies out there that need good writers just like you to create blogs for them. Reach out to a few in your area, and see if you can pick up a little extra work on the side. Getting paid to create blogs is great, because you can work on your own time, from the comfort of your own home. Give it a try; you might like getting paid to be a blog article writer.

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