Reselling SEO Well Takes Four Specific Things

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There are four things you need to have to resell SEO well. One, reselling SEO takes guts. Of course, whatever you do day in and day out at your business probably also takes guts, particularly if you regularly are selling something to clients who may or may not want the service. But when reselling SEO, you are sticking your neck out there, selling something that you perhaps know literally nothing about. You may know that it works and you may be able to convey that to your clients, which is great, though it still takes some chutzpah to get going.

Two, reselling SEO takes initiative. Not everyone loves the concept of SEO, nor does everyone feel like they need it for their own ventures, even after a seemingly successful pitch has been made by you in a meeting or during a luncheon with a client. Never think that SEO sells itself, although in many instances it practically does. Always think of it as a nice side business to your current one and a nice complement to your existing business model.

Three, reselling SEO takes drive. You have to consistently work on it to better yourself at reselling, since communication and multitasking abilities are essential. You have to almost constantly remind yourself, at least in the beginning, when to pitch SEO and when it let it lie and bring it up during another meeting with a client. You will get the hang of it and things will smooth out, but initially at least you will need to continually prepare yourself for reselling SEO and consistently reminding yourself that you have yet another tool to sell to clients.

Four, reselling SEO takes patience. Again, some clients will have lots of questions and will be very skeptical about it, and they will obviously take more time to convince than others. As an Seo reseller, your main job is to bring in new business from these clients and others, and so you must be patient in realizing that not all clients will like the idea, nor will all clients sign on to receive it. Be patient in your work with them, and as you get better at all of the aforementioned qualities you could add being a website reseller or perhaps even a social media reseller to what you already do for continual success. You already will have broken yourself in with reselling SEO.

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