Polishing Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floor

Cement floors that are polished offer a lot of advantages over other types of floors, and the Tampa Museum of Art in Tampa Florida has polished concrete floors. Polishing concrete floors is a simple process that requires sophisticated equipment and techniques. Polished concrete usually looks wet and slippery, but they meet the standards that are set by OSHA. Equipment used for commercial concrete polishing involves different types of grits and grinders. For example, diamond grinders are used to sand the original pours of concrete floors. There are a number of different types of buildings that use commercial polished concrete floors.

Schools, restaurants, malls, automobile showrooms, hotels, and warehouses, are all considered perfect for polished cement floors. One of the main reasons why concrete polisher equipment is used for commercial buildings involves maintenance. After cement has been properly polished, maintenance only includes water, soap, and a mop. Removing stains on other types of floors is difficult, but the epoxy sealant applied to polished cement floors creates a resistant barrier. Things like oil, paint, and forklift tire marks are all easy to remove if a special epoxy sealant is applied. Another major reason why polishing concrete floors is used for commercial buildings is energy efficiency.

Glossy floors reflect overhead lighting, which produces more light in rooms. Therefore, less overhead lighting is needed, helping companies save money on energy. Polishing concrete floors can be achieved by hiring a reputable floor cleaning company. However, people have the option of leasing or buying professional equipment for polishing concrete floors as well. Wet and dry sanding techniques are used to sand cement floors, and sometimes both wet and dry techniques are applied. Cement floors can be painted and designed to look like expensive floors, such as marble and granite floors. Easy maintenance, energy efficiency, and a glossy finish, are the main reasons why polishing concrete floors are an attractive option.

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