Are You Losing Business?

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When someone is in a new town and need to find a gas station, they frequently pull out their Smartphone and search for one nearby. That is why 61 percent of people with smart phones use it to make local searches. And that is also why a business can increase its search engine click through rates by 200 percent just by including its location in a search result. Many of those businesses hired web design services. Does your business have its location in the search result? What else might you not know about setting up your business website? Perhaps if you employed a website design service your business could be one of those with a 200 percent higher rate of click through business.

Website design service is not just for big business. Website design services are also important for small business internet marketing. You know those advertisements that appear on the side of your search engine results page? About 80 percent of all people usually or always ignore them. But that also means that 20 percent do not ignore them. A website design service might be able to make your business one of those that the 20 looks at. A website design service can help you access that 20 percent. In addition to its website, is your business spreading its internet wings? More than 41 percent of Business to Customer companies have attracted a new customer through Facebook. Using Google Places, business owners have claimed more than 4 million business listings. Is your business on Facebook? How about Google places? When you hire website design companies they can help you ascertain all the angles your business should be taking on the internet at. That is why website design services are such a growing field. More and more businesses are understanding how essential website design services are to their own business health.

When it comes to search engine marketing Portland businesses are on the forefront. Portland internet marketing and Portland web design are becoming pioneer models for us all to follow. Their innovative website design services are helping businesses float to the top of their online visibility. What are you doing for your business web presence?
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