Discover Which Expenses Can Be Covered With A Military Move

Profit on dity move

Do it yourself moving, which is also called a DITY move, is a process of relocating with a financial benefits plan in place, with the benefit payout being determined by a DITY move calculator. For military moving, a military DITY move calculator specifically must be used to determine the amount of allotted benefits that will be provided for a service member when he or she relocates. The military do it yourself relocation program is voluntary and allows members of the military that are required to relocate to receive reimbursement from their government as they relocate with all of their belongings. Certain expenses will be covered by this program, though some expenses will still have to be paid by the service member that is relocating.

Some members of the military consider a military move using a DITY move calculator to actually be more stressful than a traditional relocation, as there is a lot of calculation and paper work involved, in addition to more leg work than simply allowing professionals to relocate your items for you. The reason most service members choose to go through with a military move is the opportunity to turn a profit. If you are able to schedule the expenses of your military move with any accesses in the budget, meaning that you utilize a military move DITY calculator and end up showing more benefits than actual costs, the additional funds become will be yours to keep. While it is not a good idea to lie when you make use of a military move DITY calculator, it is certainly possible to include all of the expenses you reasonably expect to encounter, then try and cut down on those costs as you plan your military move. Bear in mind that you will not be allowed to include the use of a tow dolly, the transportation of your own car, any insurance fees, lodging, meals, gas or sales tax.

Military Dity moves are also sometimes called personally procured moves, and they are not typically recommended for any overseas relocation. Questions about your military move should be directed to an official that you report to within your branch of the military, as they will direct you to the appropriate office and inform you that you have 45 days upon completion of your relocation to submit your claim for DITY allowance to be honored by the military for recuperation of approved relocation costs.