Engraved Stones Are Unique Wedding Gifts That Last Forever Against The Natural Elements

Rock engraving

Custom engraved stones make for unique wedding gifts. Dog memorial stones and anniversary stones are excellent garden art ideas that make quirky gifts. If you would like to learn more about these unique wedding gifts and quirky gift ideas, find a service in your area that will help you engraved stones with a custom message. Engraving a stone or engraving a rock with a message is a way to literally set your affirmation or message in stone, and it will last a life time.

In addition to making unique wedding gifts, these stones can be very sentimental as a reminder of someone that you have lost, particularly a pet. You can rely on more than a grave stone at a burial site to memorialize your deceased pets. There are not a lot of pet cemeteries out there, and it may be more practical for you to keep a stone that reminds you of a beloved animal on your property than to bury it at a high cost far away from home.

One of the first engraved stones found in the Americas was a stick figure etched into a stone with a large phallus. This artistic expression has evolved since then, and there was even a product called the Pet Rock that was considered a novelty gift during the 1970s by an advertising executive in response to his colleagues that constantly complained about pets that took a lot of time and effort to look after.

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