Affordable Catheter Supplies

Bladder catheterization

Benjamin Franklin is known for many things and one of them is being the creator of the first flexible catheter composed of hinged metal segments in 1752. The standard catheter currently being used in hospitals came from a Dubliner named Walsh that partnered with Scottish urinologist Norman Gibbon at the turn of the 20th century. Catheter supplies have obviously progressed since then seeing as how technology has created room for vast improvements. There are various types of self catheterization supplies out there that hospitals or doctors can purchase for their patients depending on what they need. Most people are eligible for Medicare catheter coverage so that they are not left broke from medical bills. Look into the various urinary catheter supplies to ensure your patients are being provided with top of the line equipment.

Even though the majority of people believe catheters are used for draining urine, there are various types of catheters for all different purposes. This is why there are different forms of Foley catheter supplies and self catheter supplies as each of these serves for a specific purpose. It is important for hospitals and other such facilities to have the leading supplies so that their patients can be comforted by the products and stay safe while they are located within their bodies. Choosing the right accessories to go with the leading catheters is essential for comfortable and healthy patients.

Above eighty percent of spinal cord injuries that have been reported to the national database happen to men, largely in part due to the fact that sports related incidents and falls account for a quarter of all injuries to the spine. Those that experience serious spinal injuries will likely be out of commission for a while and need a catheter along with catheter supplies to urinate properly. In most cases, these catheter supplies will be needed because the patient will need to remain immobile during the course of recovery. Search the internet for the best brands and manufacturers out there to ensure you have high quality products for the procedures you will be performing.

Going online will serve great purpose in that you can carefully research the various catheter supplies on the market today. You will likely be able to order everything that you need right from the computer as well and have the shipment delivered to your facility. Ensure maximum comfort and safety by using the leading catheter equipment with your patients.

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