What to Know About Commercial Canopies

When it comes to taking care of business outside and it happens to be in an area with a lot of rain, snow, hail and sleet, commercial canopies may be the solution that every event planner dreams of. Commercial canopies are large tent-like temporary housing units that may be stood, sat and danced under during rough weather, and there are also commercial canopies large enough that a dozen full-size trucks could park under them to keep out of the rain or snow, or to stop falling acorns, leaves or pine needles from landing all over vehicles and people when situate near forest areas.

Commercial canopies are reasonably priced for the comfort they provide, and it can be a good purchase for any personal or business user that wants to set up long-term coverage of an outdoor space. The typical price for 20-foot by 40-foot commercial canopies is between $500 and $800 depending on the material of the tent, its braces and any features such as drapes or sheets that act as walls or doors. It is possible to lease them in some cases, though commercial canopies are subject to a lot of wear and tear during just a single use, so it is more likely that a person or company will want to buy one outright, get it set up and then keep it there for as long as it will hold up.

Transporting commercial canopies must also be considered, because the tent and bracing material is not going to fit in the family minivan. At the very least, a few pick-up trucks can get the job done when driving from where it is bought to where it will get set up, but it is best to have a driver that owns a full-size truck to haul the gear. Once it has been set up, there is also a good chance that heavy precipitation will require the canopy to be broken down and stored until needed for future use. This, again, is a much easier task when there is a full-size truck driver around. It is also important to have a few sturdy ladders and people who are not afraid of heights if the canopy is a traditional pipe-bracket model, though the best answer is just to spring for a model that has a ratchet lever built into the legs of the brace to extend the canopy to full height once the top has been applied.


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