Purifying Stormwater Runoff

If you have been concerned about the quality of your local waterways lately, asking your local municipality to pay for large stormwater runoff solutions in the local street level drains could prove to be a financially onerous and politically impossible task. However, lots of individuals working together to improve the water quality of the stormwater runoff before it gets into the common waterways nearby can have a great effect overall! There are plenty of affordable and easy tips and tricks to lighten the pollution from your local stormwater runoff, so implement as many as you can!

First, be very careful about letting gasoline, oil, or other automotive fluids leak onto the ground. Whenever a good rainstorm hits, those substances are swept away as part of the stormwater runoff into the common waterways, and the cumulative effect of this pollution on the local wildlife and water quality can be devastating. Make sure that any toxic substances are properly disposed of, and alert your neighbors to the importance of doing so, as well. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, after all!

Next, if you own your own home, installing filtration devices on your rain gutters can help prevent the toxic roofing materials above your head from making it into the stormwater runoff system, as well. Tar, asphalt, et cetera are all materials that are less than terrific substances to have in the common waterways, so the less of it makes it past your gutters, the better. Many of these filtration devices are actually quite affordable, so look into these as soon as possible! These and several other simple and effective stormwater runoff purification solutions are available to almost anyone who wishes to take on the challenge, and you might very well be surprised at the effects your efforts can have in a rather short period of time!

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