How To Fill Out Canadian Cheques

Filling out Canadian cheques is just like filling out a check in the United States. Both the structure and the necessary information are the same. The verification process is also quite similar. Today there is an electronic service so that merchants can easily verify whether or not Canadian cheques are good. This is a great way for them to avoid having Canadian cheques written.

Before you begin writing Canadian cheques you will want to take a moment to verify your banking information. If your Canadian cheques come from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) then there should be a three digit check number at the bottom of the check, which is then followed by a five digit transit number and a six digit account number. You will also have the RBC logo and address above the memo line on the left side of your Canadian cheques.

Whenever you are ready to write Canadian cheques you will find that there is some basic information that must be included. For instance, you must write your name and address in the top left corner if it is not printed there already for you. You also have to write the date of the transaction on your Canadian cheques. These Canadian cheques cannot be post dated. Instead the date that is on your Canadian cheques must reflect the day on which you are passing the check on to a second party.

Canadian cheques also require you to write in the payee information. This is the name of the merchant or person to whom you are writing the check. The line for this information is located in the center of Canadian cheques. Beneath that you will need to write the payment amount both as a number and as a word. You can also choose to write a memo on your Canadian cheques before you sign them.

After you write Canadian cheques it is a good idea to get into the habit of recording the transaction in a check register. This way you will know precisely how much you have spent, where the money has gone and what money you have left. You will find this important because writing fraudulent Canadian cheques can result in a financial penalty or jail time.

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