Ensuring That Company Information Is Secure

Written by admin on March 1, 2013. Posted in Bes policy, Bes security policy

Bes policy

87 percent of blackberry users, as opposed to 63 percent of other smartphone users, access the internet daily using their mobile device. And Blackberry is known as the leader for enterprise mobile computing, while its competitors focus more on the consumer side. But only two thirds of employees who use a personal mobile device at work say that their company’s data is encrypted and secure. Using a mobile device for work may require help from a blackberry mobile device management provider. But a proactive Bring Your Own Device Policy can be something as simple as keeping the device locked and using a secure password.

Did you know that almost half of all companies that allow their employees to use their own devices for work suffer a security breach? This is why having a Blackberry Enterprise Server policy or a BES policy is a good idea for blackberry mobile device management. Blackberry users access the internet with their mobile devices much more than smartphone users do, 87 percent as opposed to 63 percent. And 70 percent of smartphone users check their work email outside of normal business hours.

A Bes security policy can go a long way toward relieving much of the stress of blackberry mobile device management. One third of employees who use a personal mobile device for work believe that their company’s data is neither encrypted nor secure. But blackberry mobile device management is not only important for security. It is important for managing and securing data and passwords and can also be used for installing Apps.

Blackberry mobile device management can be provided over a cloud, which offers a secure and convenient approach for getting things done. It is for this reason that the demand for it will probably continue to arise. We might be living in an era where people bring their own devices to work, but that does not mean that this data has to be any less secure.

Using BlackBerry Mobile Device Management

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The need for security of your data is higher than ever. There are so many ways for unwanted users to get to your confidential documents that it can be hard to keep up. Rest assured that BlackBerry mobile device management can help keep those unwanted users away at all times.

BlackBerry mobile device management works by setting up access to all devices from a central office. This means that if an employee were to lose their phone or have it stolen, the BlackBerry mobile device management software could still reach the phone to wipe memory, shut it off or lock out a thief. It is constantly available from the central office, so any time the device is in use, the central office will know about it and be able to react appropriately.

This means that BlackBerry mobile device management adds a layer of security to every item saved on the device. It means that spreadsheets, contact lists, videos, photos, financial documents and more are always kept under a digital lock and key.

Blackberry mobile device management is an approach that any team can use. The software is easy to use, meaning the IT crew at your central office will have no trouble setting it up on all company devices that are compatible with BlackBerry mobile device management. They will be able to set up unique passwords with the employee that uses a given device, then train them on how to access their files securely. They will also set up a way to get in touch so that an employee can notify the central office should their phone be stolen or get lost. The sooner they send an email or make a call about the missing device, the better. That device will be locked down or wiped, depending on what has happened to it and how likely it is to be returned.

BlackBerry mobile device management is very affordable for the service and comfort it provides. The peace of mind that a manager has when they use this tool is second to none. Any time an employee travels, there is always the concern that they might lose a phone with sensitive data. This software will make sure that even if that happens, the data is secure. Be sure to set it up on every device that employees will use and establish protocol for reporting a stolen or lost phone to the IT team.