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What Do I Need to Do to Create My Own Wiki Website?

Written by admin on November 1, 2013. Posted in My own wiki, My sql wiki, My wiki page

My own wiki

You’ve no doubt heard of Wikipedia, the so-called “free online encyclopedia.” But have you visited Wookieepedia, the wiki devoted to Star Wars? How about LyricWiki, a database for millions of song lyrics?

There are different wikis spread across the Internet that specialize in a wide variety of topics. Everything from the practical (Wiktionary) to the just-plain obsessive (Lostpedia, after ABC’s popular science fiction drama “Lost”) is covered, and making a wiki page is actually easier than you think. “I can really make my own wiki?” you might be asking, and yes, you sure can. All it takes a little patience and lot of time to spare.

What is a Wiki?

The term “wiki” actually comes from the Hawaiian word for “quick,” and that’s ultimately the goal of any wiki page — to provide quick access to rele