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Need Advice on the Stock Market?

Written by admin on September 4, 2013. Posted in Learn options trading, Stock option strategies, What is stock market investment

Stock market investment strategy

The stock market began May 17, 1792 when 24 stock brokers and merchants signed what is known as the Buttonwood Agreement. Roughly 25 years later, in 1817, the New York Stock Exchange was opened and the real stock market as we know it began.

In 1868, there were 533 seats on the New York Stock Exchange. In contrast, there are currently 1,366 seats available. Unsurprisingly, in terms of market capitalization, the largest stock market in the United States is the New York Stock Exchange. Every day people invest more and more in companies and experts tell people who to invest in and who to stay away from.

Since the end of World War II, the average large stock has returned close to 10 percent a year, throughout the many ups and downs. People who invest in the stock market are largely people who can