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Wage Garnishment is Serious Business! Hire a Tax Relief Specialist for Help

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Tax return penalty

When a person is neglectful in resolving their tax debt, tax penalties often occur, including possible wage garnishment. This happens when an employer, who is required to pay taxes on employees, withholds the neglectful employee’s earnings for the payment of debt as issued by a court order or other legal procedure in accordance to the Internal Revenue Service or state tax collection.

Garnished wages are submitted and applied toward the individual’s unpaid taxes. Another form of tax penalties is the issuance of levies on social security or pensions. Tax penalty abatement is illegal and can earn the offender imprisonment and hefty fines. Of

Day Care now Means Less Trouble Later

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Summer child care

The argument of private vs public schools has been going on longer than most of us can even remember. The debate whether children who attend private schools overall have higher rates of graduation and acceptance into colleges verus a public schools education is a debate that parents deal with when deciding which to enroll their child into. The decision to decide between the two could make a difference between your child engaging in middle school activities that will negatively affect their future, or engaging in middle school activities that will benefit them later in high school, college and ultimately life.

In addition to deciding whether to go private or public, parents have to decide whether they want their child to go to day care or attend any early education programs. This is why parents send their