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When Looking for Housing, Start With the Great Lakes

Written by admin on June 30, 2013. Posted in Fennville mi homes for sale, Lake michigan homes for sale, Saugatuck real estate

Michigan lake homes for sale

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The current housing market is just not that easy to navigate. Is it time to buy? Will the interest rates stay low? Will they go lower? People are understandably concerned. They have watched as their friends and family who bought houses a decade ago face foreclosure and financial ruin. It can be incredibly difficult to decide whether the time is right to buy or continue renting.

In the current housing market, it is worth looking at certain lake front properties, including some of the many Grand Rapids homes for sale. Lake front real estate retained much of its value during the housing crisis, so it did not have as far to go in order to rebound from that crash. Veteran Michigan real estate agent Rory McIntosh has himself purchased two of the Grand Rapids homes for